Starting a Baking Business – Getting Started Guide For Newbies

Do you have a forte for creating cookies, cakes and pies? Do you have some favorite secret recipes in your arsenal of baked goods? If you are thinking about earning some extra money, maybe you should think about starting a baking business.

If you are good at cake decorating, consider that character cakes are always in demand particularly for children’s birthday parties. You have to make sure that you have enough cake pans for your enterprise as well as a cake decorating kit with the proper attachments.

When you start offering your baking services, you have to think about how you are going to advertise it. You could put an ad in your local newspaper. If you live in a neighborhood that has lots of children, you could also think about designing a door hanger and taking it to the printer. Then you could simply go door to door hanging your door hangers advertising your new business. As an incentive, give a 10% discount off of your new clients’ first order.

Another good place to advertise when starting out is at a church bazaar. At these bazaars there is usually a cake walk booth. You could donate a few of your cakes and attach your business card. Offer a 10% referral bonus to everyone who refers a new client to your bakery.

Do not let your talents go to waste. Setting up a baking enterprise could generate quite a bit of extra money for you. It could also mean a step up from doing birthday cakes to tackling wedding cakes. That’s where the real money is!


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